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TRP Channels

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Transient Receptor Potential Channels offers a unique blend of thoughtfully selected topics ranging from the structural biology of this fascinating group of ion channels to their emerging roles in human diseases. This single book covers TRP channels of yeasts, flies, fishes frogs and humans. And from the biophysics of primary thermo-sensory events in cells to the thermosensation at whole organism level, from physiology of pain to the development of pain-killers, from psychiatric illnesses to cancers, from skin cells to sperms, from taste buds to testes, from established facts to heated debates, this book contains something for every TRP enthusiasts, beginner and expert alike. It includes crucial background information, critical analysis of cutting edge research, and ideas and thoughts for numerous testable hypotheses. It also shows directions for future research in this highly dynamic field. It is a book readers will be just as eager to give to others as keep for themselves. Transient Receptor Potential Channels (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology) [Hard cover]. Md. Shahidul Islam (Editor). Publisher: Springer. 52 chapters, 125 authors, about 1115 pages


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Chapter 1 Structural biology of TRP channels. Minghui Li, Yong Yu, and Jian Yang

Chapter 2 Functional and structural studies of TRP channels heterologously expressed in budding yeast. Vera Moiseenkova-Bell and Theodore G. Wensel

Chapter 3 Natural product ligands of TRP channels. Irina Vetter, Richard J Lewis

Chapter 4 Synthetic modulators of TRP channel activity. Christian Harteneck, Chihab Klose, Dietmar Krautwurst

Chapter 5 Study of TRP channels by automated patch clamp systems. Morten Sunesen and Rasmus B. Jacobsen

Chapter 6 TRPC2: of mice but not men. Christoffer Löf, Tero Viitanen, Pramod Sukumaran and Kid Törnquist

Chapter 7 TRPM1: New trends for an old TRP. Elena Oancea and Nadine L. Wicks

Chapter 8 The nonselective cationic channels TRPM4 and TRPM5. Romain Guinamard, Laurent Sallé, Christophe Simard

Chapter 9 TRPM7, the Mg2+ inhibited channel and kinase. Chris Bates-Withers, Rajan Sah, and David E. Clapham

Chapter 10 TRPM8 in health and disease: cold sensing and beyond. Yi Liu and Ning Qin

Chapter 11 TRPML1. Grace A Colletti and Kirill Kiselyov

Chapter 12 TRPML2 and the evolution of mucolipins. Emma N. Flores and Jaime García-Añoveros

Chapter 13 The TRPML3 channel: from gene to function. Konrad Noben-Trauth

Chapter 14 TRPV5 and TRPV6 in transcellular Ca2+ transport: regulation, gene duplication, and polymorphisms in African populations. Ji-Bin Peng

Chapter 15 The TRPV5 promoter as a tool for generation of transgenic mouse models. Marlene Vind Hofmeister, Ernst-Martin Füchtbauer, Robert Andrew Fenton, Jeppe Praetorius

Chapter 16 TRPP channels and polycystins. Alexis Hofherr and Michael Köttgen

Chapter 17 TRP channels in yeast. Chris Palmer, and Marta Kaleta

Chapter 18 C. elegans TRP channels. Rui Xiao and X.Z. Shawn Xu

Chapter 19 Investigations of TRP channel function in vivo using frog and zebrafish model systems. Robert Cornell

Chapter 20 TRP channels in parasites. Adrian J Wolstenholme, Sally M Williamson and Barbara J Reaves

Chapter 21 Receptor signaling integration by TRP channelsomes. Yasuo Mori, Taketoshi Kajimoto, Akito Nakao, Nobuaki Takahashi, Shigeki Kiyonaka

Chapter 22 Gating mechanisms of canonical transient receptor potential channel proteins:role of phosphoinositols and diacylglycerol. Anthony P. Albert

Chapter 23 The TRPC ion channels: association with Orai1 and STIM1 proteins and participation in capacitative and non-capacitative calcium entry. Gines M. Salido, Isaac Jardín and Juan A. Rosado

Chapter 24 Contribution of TRPC1 and Orai1 to Ca2+ entry activated by store depletion. Kwong Tai Cheng, Hwei Ling Ong, Xibao Liu, and Indu S. Ambudkar

Chapter 25 Primary thermosensory events in cells. Ilya Digel

Chapter 26 ThermoTRP channels: biophysics of polymodal receptors. David Baez-Nieto, Juan Pablo Castillo, Constantino Dragicevic, Osvaldo Alvarez, and Ramon Latorre

Chapter 27 Complex regulation of TRPV1 and related thermoTRPs: implications for therapeutic intervention. Rosa Planells-Cases, Pierluigi Valente, Antonio Ferrer-Montiel, A., Feng Qin and Arpad Szallasi

Chapter 28 Voltage sensing in thermo TRP channels. Sebastian Brauchi and Patricio Orio

Chapter 29 TRP channels as mediators of oxidative stress. Barbara A. Miller and Wenyi Zhang

Chapter 30 Regulation of TRP signaling by ion channel translocation between cell compartments. Alexander C. Cerny and Armin Huber

Chapter 31 Emerging roles of canonical TRP channels in neuronal function. Sunitha Bollimuntha, Senthil Selvaraj, and Brij B Singh

Chapter 32 TRP channels and neural persistent activity. Antonio Reboreda, Lydia Jiménez-Díaz, and Juan D. Navarro-López

Chapter 33 Role of TRP channels in pain sensation. Man-Kyo Chung, Sung Jun Jung, and Seog Bae Oh

Chapter 34 TRPV1: a therapy target that attracts the pharmaceutical interests. Rong Xia, Kim Dekermendjian, Lullau Elke, Niek Dekker

Chapter 35 Expression and function of TRP channels in liver cells. Grigori Y. Rychkov and Gregory J. Barritt

Chapter 36 Expression and physiologial roles of TRP channels in smooth muscle cells. Christelle Guibert, Thomas Ducret, Jean-Pierre Savineau

Chapter 37 TRPM channels in the vasculature. Alexander Zholos, Christopher Johnson, Theodor Burdyga, Donal Melanaphy

Chapter 38. Molecular expression and functional role of canonical transient receptor potential channels in airway smooth muscle cells. Yong-Xiao Wang and Yun-Min Zheng

Chapter 39 TRP channles in skeletal muscle: gene expression, function and implication for disease. Heinrich Brinkmeier

Chapter 40 TRP Channels in vascular endothelial cells. Ching-On Wong and Xiaoqiang Yao

Chapter 41 TRP channels in the cardiopulmonary vasculature. Alexander Dietrich and Thomas Gudermann

Chapter 42 TRP channels of islets. Md. Shahidul Islam

Chapter 43 Multiple roles for TRPs in the taste system: not your typical TRPs. Kathryn F. Medler

Chapter 44 Roles of transient receptor potential proteins (TRPs) in epidermal keratinocytes. Mitsuhiro Denda and Moe Tsutsumi

Chapter 45 TRP channels in urinary bladder mechanosensation. Isao Araki

Chapter 46 The role of TRP ion channels in testicular function. Mohammed Shoeb and Pradeep G. Kumar

Chapter 47 TRP channels in female reproductive organs and placenta. Janka Dörr and Claudia Fecher-Trost

Chapter 48 Oncogenic TRP channels. V’yacheslav Lehen’kyi and Natalia Prevarskaya

Chapter 49 TRPV channels in tumor growth and progression. Giorgio Santoni, Valerio Farfariello and Consuelo Amantini

Chapter 50 The Role of Transient Receptor Potential Channels in Respiratory Symptoms and Pathophysiology. M. Allen McAlexander and Thomas Taylor-Clark

Chapter 51 TRP channels and psychiatric disorders. Loris A. Chahl

Chapter 52. Transient receptor potential genes and human inherited disease. Kate V. Everett

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